5 Best formal suits for men 2021 | Amazon India

Hey, Lovely and stylish people, if you want to enhance your style game and looking for the best formal suits, then you have landed at the right place, in this blog, we will share information about formal suits for men, types, fittings, colours, purposes and How to style.

5 Best formal suits for men 2021 | Amazon India
5 Best formal suits for men 2021 | Amazon India

Q. What do you mean by Formal suits?

Formal suits are a type of coat, structured well with canvas lining and padded shoulder, thick material with various design on back and front with perfect sleeve length, buttons provided to close and spread type lapel adds more formality & Class to it. Pockets are at fronts looks cool.

Q. Types of Formal Suits

There is a lot of diversification in suits and many types depending on fit, lapel type and vent.

Types of Formal suit according to Fit.

  1. Slim Fit:- Slim fit suit is narrowed at chest and waist, fits body contours well, doesn’t restrict blood flow, mostly fit people love to wear slim fit and look very adorable, seems sleeker than actual, more casual vibe fit.
  2. Classic fit:- It is a timeless suits type, easy to wear, comfortable to carry from Monday to Saturday without any irritation, classy look with a comfortable feel, very popular in young employees, pairing with chinos, gives casual vibe as a smart casual look.
  3. Modern Fit:- Designed to slay stylishly with narrower at the belly, comfortable wear with trimmer look, right material and right accessories makes it awesome for full season wearing, enough room for breathability, pairing with the right set of bottom wear makes it casual to dressy.

Types of Suit according to Lapel type

  1. Notch Lapel:- It is a very common Lapel to suit, meets at collar with visible indent looks great. If correctly coloured with the shirt. It is more versatile and fits great and enhances the class of suit.
  2. Shawl Lapel:-  Shawl Lapel is simple, shiny, without any cut design in it, fits well, looks simple but classy with tie and pocket square, can be worn with different layering without any restriction.
  3. Peak Lapel:- Peak Lapel, as the name suggests upward sharp design lapel ends below the collar, if not correctly coloured with shirts looks unprofessional. so choose wisely, not so much classy and timeless, usually found in double-breasted suits.

Types of Formal suits according to Breasted type

  1. Single Breasted suit:- Symmetrically designed suit, closes at the centre with a vertical combination of 1, 2 or 3 buttons, looks more professional and 99% people love to wear as workwear and can be made more casual with different bottom wear.

Single Breasted Suit with Notch lapel mostly and the certain rule is there regarding buttons.

  • If Single button, then fastens on standing and unfasten on sitting.
  • If Two buttons, Fasten top on standing and open at sitting and don’t fasten below button anytime.
  • If Three buttons, the top one is optional, fasten the middle one either standing or sitting, don’t use the third one.

Single-breasted suits are the most good-looking suits on Everyman.

2.Double Breasted Suit:- In contrast to single-breasted suit, double-breasted suits are full of buttons up to 6 to 8, due to more buttons, closes at the side, looks wider.

Many people love to wear single-breasted but high personality people wear a double-breasted suit with peak lapel at modernized fashion events. There is also a certain rule in buttoning, in spite of so many buttons always fasten the top and unfasten the bottom.

Types of Formal suits according to Vent

  1. Centre Vent:- A small slit at the backside of the suit, starting from the centre bottom pronounced as a centre vent. It is apart from when you put your hands in your pocket, and if you don’t put your hands in pockets and vent is part then this suit is not for you.
  2. Side Vent:- Side Vents means two slits at back and middle flap remain undisturbed either you put your hands in pockets or not. This middle flap covers the back and also adds a trimmer look to the suit either standing or sitting. Side vent suits are more popular
  3. No vent:- It is the rarest now, there is no slit at back, so due to this tend to crease, wrinkle or bunch, looks ridiculous, only preferred in Italy, offers little elegance with a custom fit.

Here are the 5 best formal suits for Men available online

Peter England Men’s synthetic Notch Lapel Suit

This peter England men’s synthetic suit with a notch lapel, side vent and two buttons at the front.

  • Fit:-Slim fit
  • Colour:-Navy
  • Material:-Synthetic
  • Sleeves:-Long
  • care:-Dry Clean

This formal suit is best for offices, meetings, weddings and formal parties.

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Peter England Men's Synthetic Notch Lapel Suit-Best formal suits for men 2021 | Amazon India
Peter England Men’s Synthetic Notch Lapel Suit-Best formal suits for men 2021 | Amazon India

Louis Philippe Men’s Notch Lapel Suit

This LP suit with Notch Lapel, side vent with 2 buttons and additional layering vest is provided for a more classy look.

  • Fit:-Slim fit
  • Colour:-Grey
  • Material:-Polyester and Viscose
  • Sleeves:-Long
  • care:-Dry Clean

the suit is textured with flap pockets at the front, preferable for casual to classy dressing.

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Louis Philippe Men's Poly Viscose Notch Lapel Suit-Best formal suits for men 2021
Louis Philippe Men’s Poly Viscose Notch Lapel Suit-Best formal suits for men 2021

Raymond Men’s Notch Lapel Regular Fit Suit

This Regular fit suit with a notch lapel, side vents and two buttons on the front, contours body shape and give adorable looks.

  • Fit:-Regular
  • Colour:-Black
  • Material:-Wool
  • Sleeves:-Long
  • care:-Dry clean

It is best for offices, meetings and formal and semi-formal events with formal shoes and solid shirts inside.

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Raymond Men's Notch Lapel Regular Fit Suit-Best formal suits for men 2021
Raymond Men’s Notch Lapel Regular Fit Suit-Best formal suits for men 2021

Van Heusen Men’s Notch Lapel Slim Fit Suit

Van Heusen always preferred comfort, this suit with a notch lapel, side vent, and 2 buttons, gives a more formal and a bit casual & smart vibe.

  • Fit:-Slim
  • Colour:-Black
  • Material:-Blend of Poly, Viscose, and Spandex
  • Sleeves:-Long
  • care:-Dry Clean

This slim fit suit is best for people to add classiness with optimum comfort and paired with chinos looks casual for party and wedding.

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Van Heusen Men's Notch Lapel Slim fit Suit Jacket-Best formal suits for men 2021
Van Heusen Men’s Notch Lapel Slim fit Suit Jacket-Best formal suits for men 2021

Arrow New York Men’s Cotton Notch Lapel Suit

This Arrow New York suit with notch lapel, side vent, and two buttons, long sleeves with padded shoulder.

  • Fit:-Slim
  • Colour:-Black
  • Material:-Wool
  • Sleeves:-Long
  • care:-Machine wash

This suit made up of Wool, shiny finish on it looks cool with a grey shirt and tie, more preferable for office events and casual occasions.

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Arrow New York Men's Cotton Notch Lapel Suit-Best formal suits for men 2021
Arrow New York Men’s Cotton Notch Lapel Suit-Best formal suits for men 2021

Q. What is the Best fit for Formal suits for men?

Formal suits look adorable when great fit, always prefer right fit formal suit with the cut to cut shoulder-length, perfect sleeves length one and half-inch above shirt sleeve and enough room at chest and buttons should close properly without any crease on front.

Side vent or centre vent should be placed correctly when hands are not in pockets, prefer classy or modern fit if you prefer formal suit for your daily office wear.

Q. What are the best colours for formal suits for men?

Black is the versatile and classic option for any professionals and also for more classy, elegant and timeless use, prefer blue and its shades and grey colour and its shades.

Q. How to style Formal suits

Formal suits are preferred for offices, meetings and events, so keep it simple with solid, light colours shirts, some coloured or textured pant with clean formal shoes. If casual or smart wear pair with light, neutral or pastel colours, chinos and other dress shoes or sneakers for wedding and parties pair with shining shirts, ties and matching pocket square with ties.

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Be more classy and elegant with formal suits in your offices and meetings, college events, placements can be handled more professionally. Always choose the right fit, versatile colour and comfortable material for long-lasting use. Guys don’t forget to put your opinion below regarding smart casual, formal wear with formal suit and chinos.

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