Best Shoes for men (Tips) | Formal, Casual & Sports

Hey, If you are searching best shoes for men, means you are seeking a good pair of comfortable, durable and best running shoes for men or others purposes, then you are at the right place.

Here you will get information about best and affordable shoes for men, ranging from low to high budget, work shoes to running shoes for men, go through this blog and pick your favourite pair.

Best Shoes for men (Tips) | Formal, Casual & Sports
Best Shoes for men (Tips) | Formal, Casual & Sports

What are shoes meant for?

Shoes are made for the protection of our feet from, dust, scratches and severe impact, made up of with light material covering on top and rubbered Or Vulcanized rubbered sole below.

some shoes are made with different styles like say with or without lace and some designed, low top, mid-top and high top, different shoes are made for a different level of comfort according to End-use of them.

Types of Shoes?

Men fashion is versatile and limitless, here every clothing pieces are very diversified and categorized by many names as here we have mentioned some major shoe parts for men.

 Dress Shoes 


Derby Shoes are falls in the category of Boot shoes, shoelace provided for tieing and also sewn on the top of the Vamp.

Derby shoes are very comfortable and stylish, best to pair with formal, casual and also best for pairing with smart casual dresses.

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are considered more formal than Derby Shoes, with shoelace provides better tightening to narrower feet and looks more classy with suits.


Brogues shoes are low heeled shoes with perforations on the top, made up of the sturdy leather material with a shoelace.


Monk shoes are best fitting shoes without shoelace, extra straps provided on monk shoes for tightening looks cool with semi-casual and semi-formal dresses.


These shoes are the category of slip-ones without laces best for a formal, casual, and traditional dress and also very easy to wear and extremely comfortable.

 Casual Shoes 


Sneakers are more versatile and useful shoes for any purposes including sports and fitness, and now these days sneakers are an essential part of our daily casual wear.


Boat shoes are designed to wear on the boat so cut provided sole to prevent slippage on the wet deck and these shoes are made up of suede and leather material.


These shoes are made up of rope and other grass fibres, best for wearing in summer, very trendy, easy to wear and useful fashion unit.


These are more comfortable daily casual wear, many designs are possible, on the sole with straps or covering also, very hardly sandals are considered as shoes.


Slip-ons are low top, flat heel shoes, made of leather and suede, easy to wear, and wisely can be worn with formal and casual wear, easy and comfortable.



Chelsea boots are ultimate in look and style with the suit, semi-formal and smart casual dresses, these shoes are the best alternative of derby shoes, monk shoes and loafers shoes. High top designed shoes give us comfort and extreme rich vibe to our outfit.


Chukka boots are shoelace mid-top shoes, mostly cases made up of leather and suede material, more comfortable and can be pair with casuals and denim for workwear.

Brogue (High Top)

This Boot is moreover like Chukka boots, high top shoes with lace, great to wear with skinny fit jeans, leather jacket, made up of leather material, even better for workwear, protect our feet and adds a cool vibe to the overall outfit.

Athletic Shoes

These shoes are most important for sports person, there are so many shoes categorized according to their need, some shoes are made for different sports, some shoes are best for any sports and these shoes are more comfortable and protects our feet from severe impact during sports, here are some shoes used in our different sports, they are named accordingly Chuck Taylor, golf shoes, hiking shoes, high tops, running shoes, climbing shoes, soccer shoes, sneakers/trainers, Old Skool, basketball shoes and ice skates.

How to choose the best shoes for men?

Shoes are a vital part of our clothing, and it is attentional grabber along with shoes are responsible for the comfort of our feet, if we are wearing wrong shoes, they can harm our feet too and also if we are wearing wrong and not matching shoes with our outfits reduces the overall vibe of the outfit.

Before investing in good shoes always look at your wardrobe, which style of jeans and pants you have and try to grab the same colour or dark-coloured shoes, these matching will complete your outfit and worth of your investment.

What are the Basic Colours for Shoes

There are so many colours available and every coloured shoe is selling but don’t invest your money in pop colour shoes, because for some time, they look cool and stylish but after some time you can’t repeat them.

They are easy to notice and not best for formal and semi-formal occasions. so wisely for basic and much versatile colours like

Black:- Best for pair with any black and navy blue pants and jeans.

White:- Ultimate versatile colours, white colours shoes are best for any occasions, and you can repeat them, or you can wear daily with any outfits.

Dark Blue:- These coloured shoes are best for monochrome or duo-chrome look, if you are pairing with light colour jeans and pants looks awesome.

Dark Brown:- These coloured shoes are mostly preferred for workwear or very formal occasions, but if you want to wear them on casual occasions, invest in sneakers and low top shoes.

What are the best brands for shoes in India?

Although shoes are very essential for us, everyone likes to purchase branded shoes for more comfort, so due to dense population India is the best marketplace, many international brands are also producing shoes for men according to need of Indian, like

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Clarks
  •  Seeandwear
  • Woodland 
  • Lee Cooper
  • Fila 
  •  Puma 
  • Reebok 
  • Hush Puppies

These brands produce, Best Shoes for men for every purpose like running, casual shoes, formal shoes for men, and athletic shoes.

Best rated and budget brands for Shoes

Running Shoes

If you want to buy a pair of running shoe for yourself then always go for maximum comfort and durability, there are many brands that produce running shoes for men under 1000 Rs available online.

These brands shoes are made up of textile, mesh, and other leather type material, better cushioning provided for comfort and protects impacts during running.

These brands are……


Sparx made budget running shoes with canvas, leather and rubber with lace-up, Hook & Loop and slip-ons type. you are getting arch type flat and medium.

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Campus provides the best comfortable shoes, ranges from solid to colour block, in the price range of below 1000, the Best Shoes for men for running and other sports.

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Lotto is also a budget brand available online, best for sports & running price ranges varies from below 1000, the material is synthetic and rubber sole below.

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Asian has also wide variety and ample of shoes, lightweight, comfortable, durable made for running purpose, the material is synthetic and very durable, price starting from 500 and goes on top.

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Sneakers- Best Shoes for men 

There are many companies and brands available online, produces best sneakers under budget in which some most rated brands are Red Tape, Sparx, Sportstar and krassa, these brands make great shoes, from solid to colour combination. 

If you want to buy white shoes then you can check these brands too, krassa produces budget white shoes starting from 500 and even less.

Red Tape:-

For formal Shoes for Men

Formal shoes are a matter of consideration in purchasing, they are limited in colours but very noticeable during wearing, so if you are wearing them wrong then it hampers your total formal outfits, they are some formal shoes which can be worn with semiformal and smart casual outfits. Two budget brands are doing good in this category  Bata & Action.

Bata and action provide the best formal shoes for men, different colours and designs are available. with or without trendy formal shoes for men are available under budget.


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