Comfortable & fit-5 Best chinos for men (2021)

Summer is on now and everyone wants to be stylish with optimum comfort. Chinos are the best bottom wear in summer. This blog is all about chinos, their types, the 5 best chinos for men online, fittings, colours, purposes and how to style chinos for casual occasions and workwear.

Comfortable & fit-5 Best chinos for men (2021)
Comfortable & fit-5 Best chinos for men (2021)

Q. What are Chinos?

Chinos are made up of pure cotton, twill weave or plain weaved trousers/pants. Lightweight, soft and breathable. these are some basic requirements of chinos are

  1. There is no pleating at the front.
  2. Very concealed stitching at sides.
  3. Slanted front pockets and two jetted pockets at back.
  4. Belt loops and Zip fly provided.

Q. What are the types of Chinos?

Chinos are categorized accordingly use and mainly three types of chinos are available

  1. Casual pair:- These chinos are mostly at cheap prices, found in street shops, no concealed stitching, cheap material, due to low budget with low rise waist & fit is not adequate. These chinos are best for pair with casual wear.
  2. Work Wear pair:- These chinos are different from casual pair, extremely thick and durable made for tough and rough use, many brands produce the best chinos, good for harsh physical activities and work. These chinos are not skinny or slim fit, workwear chinos are relaxed fit, comfortable to sit and work.
  3. Smart/Dress pair:- Smart/Dress chinos are stitched concealed on both sides, these chinos are high rise with a clean and very perfect fit. These Smart/Dress chinos are a matter of consideration, while choosing, select wisely either one or two pair with neutral shades, so these type of chinos will be long-lasting.

Here are the best chinos for men available online.

Henry and Smith Chinos for men

Henry and Smith is a leading brand, producing great quality, comfortable and durable chinos. This relaxed chino pant is also comfortable & true to size.

  • Fit Type: Slim
  • Material: Grade A Cotton & Lycra
  • Colour: Pastel Olive
  • Care: Handwash

This chino is stretchable so provides comfort in sitting and fit is slim with a tailored cut at the bottom, best for casual occasions and can be used to make smart casual outfits.

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Henry & Smith Light Green Stretch Washed Men Chino Casual Pants -5 Best chinos for men
Henry & Smith Light Green Stretch Washed Men Chino Casual Pants -5 Best chinos for men

Jack and Jones Men’s Chino casual pant

Jack and Jones are popularly known for quality clothing item. These casual chinos are a bit relaxed fit with a tapered opening at the bottom.

  • Fit Type: Relaxed
  • Material: Cotton
  • Colour: Morel
  • Care: Machine Wash

This chino is made up of premium cotton, very comfortable and relaxed fit, best for casual occasions & events, can be paired with sneakers, T-shirts, Polos to Look younger than age.

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Jack & Jones Men's Chino Casual Trousers -5 Best chinos for men
Jack & Jones Men’s Chino Casual Trousers -5 Best chinos for men

U. S Polo Association Men’s Slim-fit Chinos

US Polo association provides each and every clothing items for men, women & kids. These best fit chinos with a low rise and tapered fit below the knees.

  • Fit Type: Slim
  • Material: Cotton
  • Colour: Grey
  • Care: Machine Wash

This chino is comfortable, the grey colour looks soothing and appealing can be paired with a shirt, coat, blazers to make smart casual outfits or can be paired with Solid shirts for office wear outfits for meeting and formal office events.

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US Polo Association Men's Slim Fit Casual Trousers-5 Best chinos for men
US Polo Association Men’s Slim Fit Casual Trousers-5 Best chinos for men

Allen Solly Men’s Slim-fit Chinos for men

Every young men and woman has a craze of wearing clothing by Allen Solly, quality material and a lot of diversification in categories, this chino pant is low rise with enough room at thighs and also below knees. Enough room provides comfort and breathability.

  • Fit Type:  Slim
  • Material: Cotton, Tencel & Spandex
  • Colour: Navy
  • Care: Machine Wash

This super comfort and best fit chino made with spandex to provide stretch and colour are soothing can be paired with dress shoes and a white shirt for adorable and elegant office wear.

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Allen Solly Men's Slim Fit Casual Trousers-5 Best chinos for men
Allen Solly Men’s Slim Fit Casual Trousers-5 Best chinos for men

Amazon Brand: Symbol Men’s Slim-Fit Chinos for men

Amazon brand symbol provides the best quality and affordable material, this chino pant is a relaxed fit and a bit wider at the bottom, if you are looking for a skinny fit go for alteration.

  • Fit Type:  Relaxed Fit
  • Material: Cotton
  • Colour: Light Olive
  • Care: Machine Wash

These type of Chino pants look elegant and adorable with black colour T-shirts and Polo T-shirts.

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Amazon Brand - Symbol Men's Slim Fit Chinos-5 Best chinos for men
Amazon Brand – Symbol Men’s Slim Fit Chinos-5 Best chinos for men

Q. What is the Best fit for Chinos?

Chinos are considered for a slim and skinny fit, so there should be not much tight or too much baggy fit at thighs at knees enough room for comfortable sitting and standing and at calves, chinos should snugly fit and look flat at the bottom according to comfort. It might be narrower or wider.

Q. What are the best colours for Chinos?

The most versatile and signature colour of Chinos in Khaki, beige, brown and apart these, for enhancing style game in summer go for Navy Blue and its shades, Grey and its Shades, olive green, Maroon, Light green and other any light pastel colours.

Q. What are the Purposes of Chinos?

Chinos are mostly considered for summer, so the material should be comfortable, soft and breathable. Chinos can be worn as casual, work & Formalwear, can be paired with T-shirts, Shirts, Striped or Printed and also can be worn with Denim jackets, coat and blazers as a smart casual outfit.

Q. How to Style Chinos?

Chinos can be style simply with T-shirts, Shirts, for casual occasions and events and light and low top sneakers are compatible with chinos. Chinos come in a variety of colours, pair wisely with correct coloured top wear, so anyone can rule any casual occasion. Chinos are considered to wear a smart-casual outfit with a coat and blazers.

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Chinos should be comfortable and soft and easy to sit and work. In Style with sneakers and dress shoes for different Top wear, many colour options are available, so chinos can be very versatile and adorable if the right fit and right colour combined with other outfits. What do you think can Chinos with formal shirts, maybe use for interviews and placements?

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