Hisense 1.5 Ton AC | Review, 3 star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC @ Best Price in India

Hey, if you are searching for affordable price AC with great features, specifications and should be best for your of up to 200 sq. ft room. Then you are at the best place, here in this blog, we will share the review of Hisense 1.5 Ton ac 3-star inverter split AC. This brand may be not popular for you but as an authentic brand, you can trust us. You will be amazed after knowing its detailed features, specifications, pros & cons. Stay hooked and go through up to a verdict of this blog.

Hisense 1.5 Ton AC | Review, 3 star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC @ Best Price in India
Hisense 1.5 Ton AC Review, 3 star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC @ Best Price in India

Hisense 1.5 Ton AC | Before Buying

  • Wifi-Control: This AC is inbuilt with control of intelligent Wi-Fi. You can control this AC up to some extent from anywhere with your smartphone & tablet using Hi-smart home App.
  • Super Cooling: For Instant speed and immediate cooling, you can enjoy this AC with QSD inverter startup to feel cooler by 50% faster than any other ordinary AC.
  • Warranty: This AC provides Us a 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years on the compressor. Which is enough for using this AC without any Tension.

Hisense 1.5 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC | About Product

  • Design: This Hisense 1.5 Ton AC is designed simple and compact. It feels like 1 Ton of AC. The simply rectangular boxy design with temperature indication display in the middle. just a small branding of Hisense written on the Indoor unit.
  • Performance: This AC is best regarding its performance various modes are provided for chilling in more than 50-degree temperature, cools at a faster rate at its best, and suitable for 151 to 200 Sq. ft room. Initially, it cools at a faster rate, and it cools a long distance, but the intensity of chilling is less.
  • Power Consumption: This AC works on various efficient cooling modes in which its optimal annual energy consumption with an ISEER value of 3.65 is 1092 kWh.
  • Protection: It has multi-layering paint protection, high-quality plastic material, gold fin technology for protection from dust, smoke, and chemicals multi anti-corrosion technology, keeps this AC safe from corrosion, and provides better durability.

Hisense 1.5 Ton AC | Price

This Hi-Sense 1.5 Ton 3-star inverter split AC, model NO. AS-18Tw4GSkA00 comes under the price range of 30K.


 Specifications & Features 

Hisense 1.5 Ton AC- features | Review, 3 star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC @ Best Price in India
Hisense 1.5 Ton AC- features Review, 3 star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC @ Best Price in India


  • Smart mode: This AC works very intelligently just by clicking/pressing a single “smart” button. This AC adjusts the temperature to the best comfort level.
  • 4-in-1 Filtration: Multilayer filtration is provided in this Air Conditioner to keeps us healthy and hygienic. Here 4-in-1 filters like catechin filter, silver ion filter, pholic catalyst filter, and Hepa filter for keeping out air Chill and Pure.
  • I feel: Even Chilling or cooling is very much required and preferable otherwise, uneven cooling makes us uncomfortable, but this AC with one Button can achieve intelligent even temperature according to room conditions.
  • 4 Sleep Mode: It is a very interesting mode, here different sleep modes are available for the different age groups of people like Elders, Young, and Children. Sleep temperatures changes in 8-hours to meet the needs of people.


  • Stabilizer-free operation: Every AC needs a stable voltage to perform longer without being disturbed, this AC’s Voltage operation range is 150-264 V.
  • 100% Copper: Copper coils provide durability and less maintenance, this AC provides 100% copper coil, which is 100% Anti-corrosion, copper has exceptional durability and better cooling.
  • 7 Layer Coating: For better protection of the outdoor unit. It is coated with a double zinc layer, Zinc-iron soluble layer double ceramic, and steel substrate coating. All these coatings are able to make the outdoor unit completely Anti-Corrosive.

Hisense 1.5 Ton AC | Pros. & Cons.

Pros. Cons.
  • Great Cooling
  • Low Noise
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • Good Filtration
  • Self Cleaning
  • No Auto Horizontal Air Flow
  • Less Air Flow range
  • Smart App needs Improvement

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This Affordable price AC is best, provides great cooling, different features, and more specification. Where you can control a few by your phone. Easy to operate, best for your room and office, different sleep modes for better sleep, and low noise operation will not hamper your sleep, and you will get relaxed, well sleep in the night every day. Guys what do you think about this Intelligent Hisense 1.5 Ton AC. Which feature should be its Smart App. Mention below in the Comment Section.

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