Jsb MZ16 full body massager machine | Review with Best Price in India

Hey, if you are a workaholic person, work Physically in fieldwork, or you sit for hours in offices, then this JSB MZ16 full body massager is best for you, here you get multi-features and specifications, which relaxes your full body pain and reduces stress.

Jsb MZ16 full body massager machine | Review with Best Price in India
Jsb MZ16 full body massager machine | Review with Best Price in India

Jsb MZ16 full body massager machine | About Product

This Luxurious massager is best in design with very spacious design and many more attachments for maximum comfort at feet and shoulder massage.


This full premium and luxurious massager chair are available at 170K to 180K.

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Features-JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office
Features-JSB MZ16 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office


Automatic modes

This automatic mode is very useful for users, when you get to sit on the chair, this massage chair starts taking a position for massage according to the most comfortable massage for you.
you are getting ache relief, demo RELAX, upper and lower body relax massage altogether, overall reduces stress and target key muscle and reduces body stiffness

zero gravity

Zero gravity is the most needed function of this massage chair, here you get the most comfortable position during massaging, also it helps you to stretch your body and reduces every chronic and pain, and maximize the benefits of massage. Best for relaxation pain in less time with comfort and also during zero gravity you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and series.

Full Body Airbag & Roller Massage

The most required mechanism of a massage chair is roller massaging and airbag massaging, this massage chair provides you professional massage with roller from your neck to thigh with rollers, provides kneading, tapping, and other massaging options. according to the intensity of pain, you can customize and control the speed and intensity of rollers.

Soothing Heat

Providescarbon panel inside this massage chair provides heating which helps us to get a more effective massage, heating target our muscles and reduces chronic pain and in winter
makes massaging session pleasant.


This massage provides a full-length L type track that runs from upper to lower part of a chair on which rollers move great help for any user to get a massage from neck to
lower thigh and also a blessing for short height users because they can adjust these rollers starting point and ending point according to hight.


Regarding performance,  this full body massage chair is best, provides toe to upper neck massage with kneading, tapping, and other massage techniques. A proper massage session activates our blood circulation and gives full-body relaxation, reduces pain, and promotes sleep.


It is very luxurious designed with a 3D Space-saving, footrest extension for the proper stretch of your body.


It comes with 5 auto modes and many manual modes for targeting key muscle with all essential massage techniques.


Control of the massage chair is super smooth with remote control and also shoulder pad adjusting with hands.

Advanced features

It is equipped with many great features two memory modes, where you can use your favourite Customized massage modes for the future.


This massage chair is best for short height users, here you can adjust this chair for any height also various massage modes with zero gravity, De-stress features, relaxes user fully and reduces body stiffness.

Jsb MZ16 full body massager machine | Pros. & Cons.

Pros. Cons.
  • Zero-Gravity
  • Soothing Heat
  • Remote Control
  • No-till Now


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This Luxurious massager chair is a bit expensive but worth money able to massage any height user with essential massage techniques and money auto and personalized massage therapy.

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