Robotouch maxima massage chair | Review with Best Price in India

Hey if you are worried about a good massage chair with maximum features and are seeking it, then this blog will help you to know about robotouch Maxima massage chair, go through this blog and get a verdict at last, whether you should go for it or not.

Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Robotouch Maxima Luxury Ultimate Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Robotouch maxima massage chair | About Product 

This massage chair is designed to move vertically, with four-wheel driven, very intelligently made for different type massages, premium material provides awesome comfort and very sleek/stylish look.


This spacious massage chair with different techniques, worth of its price value of 150,000.

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features- Robotouch maxima massage chair
features- Robotouch maxima massage chair

Features & Specifications

Shoulder detection

It is an internally built 2D mechanism of the massage chair, it detects the shoulders of the users automatically and provides an enhanced massage with help of many more airbags.

Roller massage

Foot massage is difficult but this massage chair contains papillae on rollers and provides the best soothing massage and reduces pain and stiffness of the foot. very smartly designed rollers are installed and they massage so pleasantly.

Air pressure massage

The Air pressure massage chair has 4 levels and it works on our major muscles like the shoulder, neck, waist, and back. it is installed on massage chair seat and backrest as well rapidly expanding and contracting air inside airbags provides squeezing massage to the user, very useful and very comfortable massage without any damage and uncomfortable to the users.

Zero Gravity features

During massage in zero gravity function, a user experience a very comfortable and topnotch pleasant massage and feels like he is in space, very relaxing position, here a user
an enjoy other ongoing activities on TV and Smartphones

Speed Adjustments

Speed adjustments are a very important and essential feature because according to our physical activity we feel sometimes more and sometimes little pain, and some users are skinny.

so high-speed massage sessions may be uncomfortable for them, so here we are getting 5 levels of speed adjustments so regulate our massage intensity according to need.
Combo massage:- This Robotouch maxima massage chair provides all massage modes and also it provides Kneading & flapping massage together so it provides a topnotch and very fast pain relief massage.


This massage chair is designed with auto and multi manual massage modes, along with shoulder height adjustment, all massage modes are here kneading, tapping, knocking & flapping, together all these massage options activates blood circulation and reduces, stress and promotes good sleep.


It is designed with classic with comfortable luxurious design with the very soft and comfortable covering on it, spacious design with extension for the footrest, and different angle adjustments.


Here we are provided five auto modes and two M1 and M2 memory modes for future using, manual mode is best it can massage our body, fixed, partial and overall according to our need.


This massage chair is very easy to control with a remote. one button is sufficient to massage our targeted key muscle.

Advance Features

This massager is equipped with various advanced features like zero gravity and built-in many massage modes of shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking and tapping. LED lights add more beauty to it.

Robotouch maxima massage chair | Pros. & Cons.

Pros. Cons.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Very comfortable
  • Assembling is easy
  • Heating available
  • No user Reported


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This Robotouch massage chair is ultimate in comfort with all massage modes with a heating facility, activates blood circulation, reduces stress, relaxes our body and increases our metabolism, and promotes sleep pattern and our productivity too.

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