Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 | Review Smartphone @ Best price in India

Hey, Are you bored by using Your so-called trending smartphone? Now the revolution took place and the future of smartphones is going to change. With a single hand using the phone is getting converted to a Tablet or Mini laptop gives a seamless experience for using phones and tablets together. Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, you can use it either in folded condition like a normal smartphone or Tablet like mode, this feature makes your official work easy and convenient. This blog will help you, know more about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, providing specifications, features, pros & cons, and a conclusion, whether it will be able to change the future or not or It will ease your work.

Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 | Review Smartphone @ Best price in India
Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 | Review Smartphone @ Best price in India

Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 | About product

Samsung is a well-to-do brand worldwide, produces high-performance gadgets with fewer Limitations. This Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 is entirely different in the category and useful for our daily work for which we need a laptop and phone together.

Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 | Price

This future-shaping phone us amazingly innovative comes in the price range of 149999,

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Regarding display, this phone is totally upgraded by Samsung Galaxy Z fold and provides a primary display of 7.60-inches fully touchscreen without any wide border or notch at borders.

Secondary Display

For a normal use or one hand use. You will use Secondary display major time, so keeping your experience smooth and enjoying, provides a secondary display of 6.20-inches. This display is also fully touch screen and bezel-less adds a wide area of viewing with a gorgeous sleek design.


It is equipped with an Octa-core processor for performing heavy work and reduces time taking in any processing.


These are the lifeline of any phone if not providing good cameras, it’s very tough for that phone to survive. This phone is well survived with triple cameras at the rear side and is of 64 MP+16 MP+13MP for giving you an overall great quality picture. Two displays are with two front cameras of 10 MP and 8 MP, You can click a good selfie in either in case of primary display use or in case of secondary display use.


It provides 12 GB RAM. It’s really massive and you will not face any problem in keeping so many apps.


Huge storage of 256 GB is provided for keeping your all important and necessary data in one place.


It comes with the latest operating system with Android 10. provides smoothness and low latency.

Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 | Pros. & Cons.

 Pros.:-   Cons.:- 
  • Good refresh rate
  • Improved and great built quality
  • Matte glass finish
  • No waterproof
  • Multitasking sticks
  • Little expensive


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This is a futuristic phone unveiled by Samsung. it will revolutionize our present phone culture. Two fully touch screen display for one-hand use or TABLET more use. Cameras are at every panel at the rear 3 camera setup, one at the main screen and one at the secondary screen. The battery of 4500 mAh, good for longer use. Now share you are taught in the comment section and also share your condolences for them who bought Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

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