10 Best kurta brands in india (2021)

Hey, If you are An Indian then it is very likely that you will love to wear kurta in your daily life or any wedding and occasion, this blog will help you to know about its design, Best kurta brands, style, material, fittings and purposes. 

10 Best kurta brands in india (2021)
10 Best kurta brands in India (2021)

Q. What is an Indian kurta?

kurta is a loose collarless shirt, people of South Asia love to wear as their everyday wear or on occasions. Now kurta has evolved in many designs with collar and with different length.

Q. What are the Benefits of best kurta brands?

kurta is a type of loose and comfortable clothing. It enhances your physique and gives you manly feel if you select the right fit and colour.

If you are a short height person then Kurta can give you a taller look, if you are a skinny person Kurta can enhance your torso gives a rectangular type torso vibe.

Buying tips for Best kurta brands

These are certain points which, one should consider before buying the best kurta brands.

  1. Material:-  Kurtas are meant for comfort, then material/fabric should be lightweight, breathable made up of either cotton, silk, linen and blend of natural fibres.
  2. Fit:- Always, choose the best fit kurta according to your torso, don’t go with body tight or extreme loose kurta, always make sure, enough room at chest part and good fit and biceps with proper sleeve length and kurta length with respect to your height.
  3. Colours:- Consider, Whether condition and occasions choose the best colours for kurta, Always don’t go with more than three colours, prefer primary light and pastel colours.
  4. Design:- Go with Minimalistic design with minimal fancy yarns on the kurta, according to use or your age choose moderate designed Kurta not should be extremely eye-catching, style should be appealing and best fit for semi-formal occasions.
  5. Style:- Choose, A kurta depending on how you are going to style that like you are going to pair with jeans, chinos, pajamas. So choose carefully the material and most important length of the Kurta.

Q. What is the Purpose of Kurta in India?

Indians are having all shape and sizes of body, ranging from oval, skinny, healthy to rectangular, so it is very tough to look good in tight fit formal clothing and if someone looks good in formal clothing than he looks for something else on occasions.

Kurtas can be stitched accordingly to body structure and there is no limit of style and design in it. Kurtas can be paired with loose fit Pyjama for maximum comfort and also tight fit jeans to slim & sleek look.

If we consider occasions mostly Indians wear Kurtas at a festival like EID, Diwali, Holi, Durga puja and many other Important festivals apart to this, Kurtas with half blazers and kurtas with fancy yarns and embroidery, people love to wear as the main unit in wedding & other casual occasions related to the wedding.

Kurtas are also those type of clothing unit, where you and your partner can wear matching Kurta and Kurti or Saree and can rock any wedding and parties.

Best kurta brands in India for Men’s

Fab India

Fab India provides Indian traditional Kurtas made up of cotton & Silk with linen crisp or texture, a large collection with different colours and purposeful and adorable designs and comfortable feel.

fab India (Amazon)   


Manyavar is best for wedding and parties kurtas with cotton, polyester and blend material, very relaxed in wearing and refines the look.

Manyavar (Amazon)   

Peter England

Peter England provides solid, striped & printed kurtas with simple designs, simple kurtas in your wardrobe to fulfil the need with any formal, casual and semi-formal occasions, these comfortable and lightweight Kurtas are made with cotton, synthetic, blend and polyester.

Peter England (Amazon)   

Indus Route by pantaloons

Indus Route by Pantaloons provides a wide array of printed and solid kurtas made of cotton, linen, polyester, viscose Rayon with Embroidered, striped and in a checked pattern. These well-designed and styled kurtas enhance our look to top-notch.

Indus Route by pantaloons (Amazon)   

Indian Garage Co.

If you are in search of exclusively crafted kurtas in straight and pathani look, made up of cotton and linen, then the Indian Garage co. is best for you. These kurtas are the best suitable for casual occasions gives us a great look and makeover.

The Indian garage co. (Amazon)   

RG Designers

RG Designers produce simple, but adorable kurtas made with Cotton, Linen, Blend, Cambric, Lawn, Dobby, Tussar & Silk-like wide variety of material RG Designers produce popular and trendy styles, very few people resist RG Designers.

RG Designers (Amazon)   


Freehand produce kurtas of different lengths like short to the longer length, very comfortable and relaxed fit to wear made up of solid, woven design, yoke design, striped and checked, this brand is very easy to style and can be adorned in any occasion and parties.

Freehand (Amazon)   


Svanik has a wide array of designed kurtas made with Cotton, Linen, Polyester, Silk, Viscose Rayon. These kurtas are very soothing and appealing creates a different vibe as compared with different outfits.

Svanik (Amazon)   


Sojanya is very famous, the popular and right place to pick adorable kurtas for weddings of your friend and relatives, exclusively made up of Cotton, very trendy in Designs with different shades, colours and styles.

Sojanya (Amazon)   


If you are in search of Charming and traditional Kurtas then veryme is best, various patterns from solid, printed, striped to self-design, these are made with Cotton, Silk, Polyester and appeal is very uber cool and also known for short and royal look kurtas.

Very Me (Amazon)   

Q. How to Style Kurtas?

Kurtas are very versatile can be style simple to top-notch with fancy design and embroidery. So always keep kurtas simple, pair with either pyjama and jeans with low top loafers and other Indian traditional slippers, for wedding and reception type parties can pair with simple or pleated dupattas at the shoulder and in some kurtas sewn-in front.

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Be ready to Rock any wedding, party, the festival with Simple to versatile kurtas with pajama and jeans and for a more royal look later with Nehru jacket and blazers with traditional slippers and low top loafers, checkout Indian brands for best and affordable Kurtas. What do you think about the layering of kurta with joggers and cargo pants, put your opinion below?

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