Apocalypto full movie | Download | Cast and Released date watch online leaked by tamilrockers

Apocalypto full movie | Download | Cast and Released date watch online leaked by tamilrockers
Apocalypto full movie 

Apocalypto full movie | Brief Story

Apocalypto is an American Yucatec Mayan-language film.The genre is drama and thriller.The tribe’s village is attacked by a group led by Zero wolf.And Mayan Kingdom faces its decline.Adults are taken captive by Zero wolf.Jaguar Paw is taken on perilous journey to the world ruled by fear.

Apocalypto full movie | Cast
  • Rudy Youngblood as Jaguar Paw
  • Dalia Hernández as Seven
  • Itandehui Gutierrez as Wife
  • Jonathan Brewer as Blunted
  • Mayra Serbulo as Young Woman
  • Morris Birdyellowhead as Flint Sky
  • Carlos Emilio Báez as Turtles Run
  • Amílcar Ramírez as Curl Nose
  • Israel Contreras as Smoke Frog
  • Israel Ríos as Cocoa Leaf
  • María Isabel Díaz as Mother-in-Law
  • Iazúa Laríos as Sky Flower
  • Raoul Trujillo as Zero Wolf
  • Gerardo Taracena as Middle Eye
  • Rodolfo Palacios as Snake Ink
  • Ariel Galván as Hanging Moss
  • Fernando Hernandez as High Priest
  • Rafael Velez as Maya King
  • Diana Botello as Maya Queen
  • Bernardo Ruiz Juárez as Drunkards Four
  • Ricardo Díaz Mendoza as Cut Rock
  • Richard Can as Ten Peccary
  • Carlos Ramos as Monkey Jaw
  • Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza as Buzzard Hook
  • Marco Antonio Argueta as Speaking Wind
  • Aquetzali García as Oracle boy
  • Gabriela Marambio as Close-Up Mayan Girl
  • María Isidra Hoil as Sick Oracle Girl
  • Abel Woolrich as Laughing man

Directed by  Mel Gibson
Produced by

  • Mel Gibson
  • Bruce Davey

Written by

  • Mel Gibson
  • Farhad Safinia


  • Rudy Youngblood
  • Raoul Trujillo
  • Mayra Sérbulo
  • Dalia Hernández
  • Jonathan Brewer
  • Gerardo Taracena
  • Rodolfo Palacios
  • Bernardo Ruiz Juarez
  • Ammel Rodrigo Mendoza
  • Ricardo Diaz Mendoza
  • Israel Contreras

Music by  James Horner
Cinematography  Dean Semler
Edited by  John Wright
Production Company

  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Icon Productions

Distributed by  Buena Vista Pictures
Budget $40 million
Box office $120.7 million

Apocalypto full movie | Released Date
  • Release date December 8, 2006
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